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Posers of the Week, Part II

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Crouching Tiger? Coiled Like a Squirrel Prepared to Strike.

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. The guy doesn’t realize that from this crouch his chop must travel such a long distance, and he must move up against an upright opponent, that it will never land. This guy makes the Hillbilly Ninja look like Bruce Lee.

Famous last words: “Oh, by the way, I’m going to crouch and extend my leg, but please don’t crush my kneecap like a cockroach, Mr. Mugger.”

One option is to bull rush the guy. Just charge into him headlong. Even a drunk can figure that one out, and this guy is toast, because his weapons (hands and feet) are not prepared to strike. He presents his side to the opponent. My counter to the side stance is to Thai kick the opponent’s lead leg, then move in behind him to blast his kidneys and the back of his head/neck.

Note the right hand resting above the knee, which in kung-fu is called, “Old Man Climbs the Stairs.”

In his hunched over stance, his rear foot points away from his opponent. Observe how he must twist his foot in order to launch his attack. Hint: Keep your toes pointed in the direction of the opponent. When he chops (photo 3, lower left), his body still faces away from the opponent, which means that his strike is all arm and no body, which results in a weak, sloppy, ineffectual blow.

If I trap/check his forward left elbow with my right hand, how is he going to counter it?

My advice: Contact Ninja Bob for private lessons.


Posers of the Week

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Ice Skating Backwards?

Where do I start with this one? Honestly, my first reaction was “What the #@!?”

That was also my second reaction. The guy on the left is leaned too far forward, and his hands don’t guard his head. If you were to grab his hair you’d pull him right over. He also can’t land a punch with anything on it because he’s hunched forward. In a fight you will see this guy throw flailing, hooking punches (windmilling) with both hands that have no power because he’s trying to keep his head down to keep from being hit.

The guy on the right …”What the #@!!?” A simple solution is to rush him and bowl him over.

Why does the left hand on the left knee stay glued to the left knee as it moves backwards?

What is amazing is that this photo series is not of two 10-year-old kids posting themselves on You Tube. “Hey, look! Me and Billy are doing kung-fu in the backyard.”

I think these guys need help from a real master, like Ninja Bob. Maybe Ninja Bob should feature these guys on his site to make himself look like Bruce Lee by comparison.

Poser of the Week: Ninja Bob

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Ninja Bob Perched Atop a Brick Outhouse

On the Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society homepage, Ninja Bob (founder of the Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society) announces that he is available for “training, shows, demonstrations, seminars & interviews!”

The homepage is labeled “Ninja Bob’s Muay Thai,” and believe me, nobody was better at Muay Thai than the ninja. And when you say BLACK SCORPION NINJA, now you’re talking real Muay Thai, not the phony crap some Laotian might teach you.

Not only do you learn real ninja muay thai, but you also get this awesome patch:

Exalted Grandmaster Black Scorpion Ninja Bob

Super Awesome Patch! It Doesn’t Get Any More Thai Than This!