Follow Up to the Front Quarter Nelson

I last posted one of my nephew James’ favorite counters to the tackling opponent, the front quarter nelson.

Just today I was at the news stand when I noticed in the techniques section of an MMA magazine, one renowned fighter’s counter to the double leg tackle was essentially what James illustrated. He shoots an overhook (over the opponent’s left arm) and pushes down on the opponent’s head with his right while sprawling.

Today I’d like to show James’ follow up technique to the front quarter nelson.

James (on left) exerts tremendous downward pressure on the opponent’s neck, who resists and fights to bring his head up.

James goes with his opponent's efforts to raise his head.

James suddenly reverses direction and hits his opponent with a crossface.

He now throws his opponent to his back.

Down for the count.

Note that the crossface depicted above could be a clothesline to the opponent’s throat.


2 Responses to “Follow Up to the Front Quarter Nelson”

  1. Darrin, why do you even bother? You always loose to the young fellow lol.

    These are nice photos and you can see the principles of “sticky hands” and “action-reaction” that is often spoken of in relation to Wing Chun and Judo but as we see here they really are principles that apply in combat regardless of style.

    I learned a saying from a female BJJ student this week that is quite common: “Position before submission”. You can certainly see your son following that idea by how tight and close he sticks with you through out the whole technique leaving no gaps for you to wiggle out of.

  2. James,

    It’s my nephew, but yeah –for me the whole point is to defer to the experts.

    I remember my dad saying about James Lee, that he was always 5 steps ahead of you. A trained wrestler (or any good martial artist) knows where he’s going next. My attempts to escape just feed him energy to counter.

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