Tackle Defense: Front Quarter Nelson

My nephew James earlier demonstrated the cross face and sprawl as a defense against a double leg tackle. In that case the opponent moved to, and placed his head outside of, James’ lead right hip.

Now he demonstrates the front quarter nelson against an opponent who shoots to the other side, leading with his head to James’ left hip.

Opponent on Right Starts to Shoot

James (on left, in yellow) Throws an Overhook and Pushes His Right Palm Against the Opponent’s Head.

James Interlocks His Left Hand on His Right Wrist

Tremendous Downward Pressure Is Exerted on the Opponent’s Neck, Negating Any Forward Movement.

On the street, the defender can drive his opponent’s head into the pavement.

You can see the move here at about the 33 second mark, even though the wrestlers aren’t the best. Note, though, that this hold causes a world of pain, and the victim is pretty much done for.

Variation of Front Quarter Nelson


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