Are You Giving a Robber/Killer the Info He Wants?

War author and reporter Michael Yon relays an alert sent out by the US army, that many smartphones include metatags that give the picture’s location. Suppose you post a picture of your car on facebook, with the captuion, “Off to work!” You have just broadcast your car and the time you leave for work (plus the fact that you won’t be at home), but maybe also the exact location of your house.

Other applications enable users to follow movements of people (foursquare, gowalla, and facebook locations, for example), which can be used against you.

Please understand that I am not going “black helicopter” here or alleging that the feds are tracking your every move. If you or your girlfriend or spouse has a restraining order against a violent ex, if you have been receiving threats, or if you have a teen daughter who has been receiving obscene or harassing calls (I’ve been there.), then extra caution is warranted.

Already thieves have used facebook  to help them rob homes.

Partial Haul by Facebook Thieves

One couple posted they were going out to a concert. While they were out, their home was robbed. Luckily, the robbery was captured on video. As they reviewed the video, the couple thought they recognized the thieves. Sure enough, they were guys they had “friended” on Facebook!

Imagine you post on Facebook or your blog: “I finally broke down and got [Very Valuable Item]. It cost me a fortune, but I’ve wanted it for so long. And it looks gorgeous!”And you add appetizing pictures, pictures that may have geotags.

Next you post: “Thank goodness vacation is finally here! It’ll be great to get out of town for two whole weeks!”

Can you see how someone could be watching and waiting to use this against you?



4 Responses to “Are You Giving a Robber/Killer the Info He Wants?”

  1. I’m pretty much broke as all good Americans are so have at it senor burglar…lol…if I am home your getting shot..if not your getting way your done. Not to mention there isn’t much he can get away with that isn’t insured or locked away in a heavy ass gun safe. TV’s, DVD players etc are all insured…so once again I beg senor bad man to come on in, but don’t bitch when you catch a .45 slug in the gut….LOL..I am in such a good mood for the Holiday season…LOL…can’t ya tell.

  2. Michael,

    I know the number one fear of home burglars isn’t the cops –it’s the armed homeowner. Even though I might prefer the .45 slug to the big stick “brain duster” you’ve got, ha ha. That’s why some perps were checking Facebook status to see who was home.

    Simple “insurance” is to inscribe your name or phone number on your goods. And a safe is good –it doesn’t have to be Fort Knox to keep some druggie from grabbing stuff and running out the door.

  3. Let me know if your interested in a skull duster a new batch from the old man a week or so back…Beautiful and deadly…

  4. We saw repeated reports of TMI (Too Much Information) when we read of people getting fired from their jobs because of things they have said about work or because of the photos they have posted. Your post brings up another good point and I have seen examples of what you are talking about on the Facebook pages of my friends. Also, almost every web page that I have seen allows me to right click and save any photos you may have put up of you doing nasty things; once someone has these photos saved there is nothing you can do to get them back after you realize that it wasn’t the best idea to put that photo up of you wearing your girlfriends underwear on your head or you groping your boss’s wife at the Christmas party while your boss was in the washroom.

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