Real Life Combat: Pizzeria Robber Gets Whacked

Pizza Peel

Video Capture of an Employee Belting a Robber with a Pizza Peel

Reader Kevin sent in the following story.

A man at a pizza restaurant defeated an armed robber with a “giant spatula,” which in actuality is a pizza peel. The man knocked the gun out of the robber’s hand, beat him again, and then tackled the robber as he tried to flee.

You can see the video here, as well as a view of a pizza peel. One pizzeria employee comments:

“I know at the place I worked at the metal peel was pretty sharp on the edges because of pulling pizzas out of the oven and the “filing” of the metal. He probably could have cut the guys hand off if he hit him the right way.”

Of all of the impromptu, real life weapons I have catalogued, a pizza peel never occurred to me. But this is a good example of a semi-impromptu weapon. If you are the owner of a pizza place, or even a long-term employee, it makes sense not only to work with a quality, efficient tool, but also one that can serve as a weapon if need be. 

A Solid Metal, High Quality Pizza Peel: Could It Save Your Butt?

The pizza peel also follows the pattern I have observed, that almost no real-life weapon handles like a stick –especially a rattan stick. The pizza peel would work very well with Big Stick Combat techniques, or long stick techniques as practiced by GM Estalilla, Giron larga mano stylists, Amo Guro Blackgrave, Josh Morale, etc.


Pizza Peel: A Two-Handed Weapon


5 Responses to “Real Life Combat: Pizzeria Robber Gets Whacked”

  1. Like an over sized eku bo …. It would dang sure do the trick if you have the room to wind it up…lol

  2. No need to wind it up, you can use it as a thrusting weapons too. In the throat or in the face, it’s gonna hurt. Just hope you don’t rob the place on 2 for 1 day, get the second wack for free.

    Anything can be used, if not as a weapon, at least as a distraction. Toss a single sheet of paper into the face or throw a roll of toilet paper. Then you have the hard everyday weapons like a broom, pen, cup, salt shaker, table, etc. Learn the principles of weapons rather than the techniques when it comes to using everyday objects as weapons.

    Can it be thrown? Can it be swung? Can it be thrusted? Is it hot? Is it hard? Does it blind? Does it cover? Does it sheild, etc.

    The warning with this situation is that when a gun is involved you don’t know if their is deadly intent there. Is the robber just using the gun to scare you and has no intention of adding murder to his list of charges, or will he shoot you to avoid being injuried or captured. Body language and verbal language plays a part here but that is educated guess work for most of us, not a sure thing.

  3. Darrin Cook Says:


    In the video the employee gets in at least one good two-handed overhand shot.


    That was my one misgiving –I wouldn’t have attacked a guy with a gun unless I thought lives were in danger.

  4. Darrin, it looks like the pizza lifter is bent after the hit. Are they naturally bent like that or was it from the impact.

    I think that is something to keep in mind with improvised weapons, that some may be suitable for only 1 or two uses before they break so don’t be surprised if that do. I think that goes for most weapons though, always be ready to follow up should your weapon break or you drop it.

  5. @James..if a gun is used one should automatically assume lethal intent is there whether the perp intends to us it or not The average citizen has no idea if it is brandished for fear purposes or to use. So in hind sight when that pistol or shotgun appears assume your life is a breath away from being gone..react accordingly (if you know how)..if not pray!

    @Darrin…he had plenty of room to wind it…

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