Hero of the Week: Victor Perez

In the article Victor Perez is called a “good Samaritan,” but it’s more accurate to describe him as a hero.

Hero Victor Perez

An 8 year old girl was kidnapped from in front of her home in Fresno, and an Amber alert was issued.

When Victor Perez recognized the kidnapper’s truck from a newscast description, he jumped in his own truck and chased the suspect. Victor kept cutting off the suspect’s truck. Then he saw the kidnapped girl’s head pop up into view, and the gang member push her head back down.

Eventually the gang member released the girl and sped off. Victor stayed with the girl and reassured her. He dialed 911.

A massive police dragnet snared the fleeing hoodlum. Who is now under arrest for a number of charges, including kidnapping and –sadly– sexual assault.

Not everyone has the courage to confront a gang banger like Victor did, but being prepared helps to boost your willingness to confront a criminal, in addition to putting the odds in your favor in the event of violence. Luckily, the kidnapper didn’t have a gun, but would you be prepared for that eventuality? Suppose the kidnapper you corner emerges empty handed, or with a knife, are you armed?

The Kuntawman has suggested putting a knife on the seat, that you can grab as you “reach for your wallet.” We’ve previously discussed tire knockers, long armed ice scrapers, and even the concealment of knives and guns in your car (Check out this post based on Amo Guro Blackgrave’s wisdom.)

If you cannot carry a gun legally inside your car, one option is to carry it in your trunk. Even if it is unloaded, it is quick and easy to load a magazine into an automatic pistol and rack the slide. The scenario is:

  • pop the trunk via the driver’s seat latch,

  • move to the back of the car, keeping the car as a screen between you and the perp

  • get behind the axle (the most solid and protective part of the car)

  • load the gun and fire as necessary

Another option, mentioned by Mas Ayoob, is to ram the attacker with your car. Anyone who targets you in your car with a gun is fair game, as the number of cops who have shot and killed criminals who try to run them over will attest.


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