Knocked Centsless Coin Purse Palm Sap

D3 Knocked Centsless Palm Sap

I have written about the relatively obscure palm sap earlier.

I came across another example of a palm sap. It is the D3 Protection Knocked Centsless palm sap. There is a video tutorial here.

Keep in mind that carrying a palm sap can get you into trouble, while a coin purse is perfectly legal.







Striking Area Knocked Centsless Coin Purse Palm Sap


Finger Band for Knocked Centsless Coin Purse Sap

6 Responses to “Knocked Centsless Coin Purse Palm Sap”

  1. jimmyfatwing Says:

    Anything written on there or any symbols indicating a weapon? You see some nice pens for example that have sharks on, or the word combat / tactical etc. Kinda takes away the ‘concealed’ element.

  2. Jimmy,

    The photos I saw looked clean. But I know what you mean –the “sharky” pen, complete with grimacing shark is a giveaway. I’d rather have yawara pen with a floral design.

    Also, it seems that everything “tactical” is just a way to jack up the price. For example, a pen is 2-5 bucks, but a “tactical” pen will cost you $150.

  3. I got an all metal pen that is just as solid as a tactical pen without being designed as one, didn’t cost $150 either 🙂

    The coin purse sap is one of the better design, looks just like a pouch with a belt loop, a lot less obvious than similar products.

  4. The same premise as turning the high school class ring stone in…Old Mark Block never saw it thwap! and the rest was sweet

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