Prepare Yourself for a Home Invasion

In this article two armed men knocked at a door, then burst into the home, demanding money and drugs. After they shot the husband, the wife grabbed a .357 magnum and 

Chiappa Arms Rhino Revolver in .357 Magnum. Interesting in that the barrel is aligned with the lowest cylinder, not the top cylinder like most revolvers.

shot one of the intruders, killing him.

This story could have ended very tragically, but for three factors:

1) They had a gun in the home

2) Everyone in the home knew where it was

3) Everyone in the home could use it.

The following comes from “Secrets” of the Filipino Fighting Arts:

When I moved into my last home, I chose places in the house where I kept weapons. This included two machetes, three knives, a spear, several cocobolo sticks, a push dagger, and a firearm. I pointed these places out to my children and warned them not to touch them unless a stranger was in the house. I also promised a near-death experience if they touched these weapons out of curiosity. Only the teenagers knew about the firearm, but even my 9 year old was taught about the locations of my blades and all were taught to attack the hands and throat of the stranger. All members of my family were taught Eskrima, and my wife and I sparred almost weekly. She is a law enforcement officer and I would be livid when she came home from work with injuries, so I insisted on her studying my arts. She trained for the “Battle of the Badges”, and within a few months of our wedding I was confident that she was safe with her hands alone. The home, in my opinion, is not safe unless every member is a soldier. My children trained weekly, and they sparred every Wednesday. On top of that, they boxed and fenced with a fencing club. The warrior must arm his family as well as himself, or he is wasting his knowledge.

Understand that there is no safe haven from violence, and even when you are home, there is vulnerability. If you are attacked in your sleep, you should have a defensive tool available within an arm’s reach. If you are in your car, you should have a weapon available as easily as a feigned dropped set of keys or wallet. If you are fumbling in your back pocket for cash, some sharp object needs to be a quick grab away. Your family will never be completely safe 100% of the time, so if anyone needs access to a weapon, even your children needs to be able to find a blade. I have a 10 year old boy who is crafty enough to be able to plunge a blade into the neck or bladder of even skilled Eskrimador. My daughter’s specialty in fencing is the foil, and because of her fast footwork, has even managed to thrust me a few times in playful combat. Prepare your family for defense, because you are their protector and the best way for you to protect them is to teach them to protect themselves.

And never, ever, forget your role as warrior–because this role does not end at 5 p.m. every day. It does not occur only on weekends, or 5 or 6 days a week. When you leave your blade at home, or your firearm in the cabinet, or your plastic knife in the glove compartment of your car (HARD plastic, that is; it gets past metal detectors), you are basically convincing yourself that you know for a fact that no violence will occur today. And you really don’t know that, do you? I didn’t think so. If you ask me, I’d say that you were in denial, hoping that “today isn’t the day”… but we don’t carry weapons because most attacks occur on weekends, and certainly not at 6 in the afternoon when you’re going to the mall, right? Are you sure?

Arm yourself. Arm your family. And always have a weapon available, because you can “always” be attacked–at home, in the car, while you sleep, when you shop. This is the life of a warrior… We are the armed among a sea of the unarmed. Like the guard dog in my previous article, you are not one of the prey, unless you choose to be.

Chiappa Rhino .357 --The .357 in 4 inch barrel is a good home choice. It can also shoot 38 Special, and +P rounds.

In reading this excerpt, we see several key ideas:

1) Weapons are secreted throughout the house and the car. You should have weapons prepared in every environment you are in, –home, car, workplace. I teach at school, so I can’t have a gun or a knife, but I can have a heavy metal stapler, or solid steel scissors, or a heavy flashlight “in case the power goes out.”

2) Every member of the family is trained. They know where the weapons are, and know how to use them. Like in the news story, what if you as the defender of the home are incapacitated or killed? Can the other members of the family step up to defend themselves?

3) Prepare your family for various scenarios. You will NOT get in the car. You will NOT let then tie you up. You will NOT surrender your weapon, no matter who they threaten to kill.


9 Responses to “Prepare Yourself for a Home Invasion”

  1. thank you! i enjoy your blog a lot too.

  2. In Canada killing an intruder with a gun would be a free ticket to jail for the home owner.

    On the other hand, if the home owner was a cop nothing would be done to him.

  3. As for that gun: the grip looks very poor and the trigger guard is too small. They tried reinventing the wheels and only came up with an axle.

  4. Unsure of that piece…I think there are far better pistols for home defense, SIG P226, FNP .45 , GLOCK, etc…and in a wheel gun . . a S&W .. Ruger etc.

    In Texas they give you the key to the city for whacking some dumb ass who has the nuts to break into your home. With the castle law we can even cap them for stealing property. We are a very gun liberal state..if you have your CCW permit you can carry as many handguns as you can conceal…gotta love it.

  5. …the grip looks very poor…

    If you look at it in profile, you can see that it’s designed to get the barrel completely in line with your forearm, presumably so that recoil pushes straight back, reducing muzzle climb and making accurate followup shots quicker. It’s the same principle used in pistol-grip rifles. It’s also why this bizarre revolver fires from the bottom chamber rather than the top.

    Personally, I know I have a hell of a time keeping my trigger pull smooth on a double-action revolver if my grip is too high, so I’m very skeptical of the rhino’s high grip handle. They could presumably redesign the angle of trigger pull to compensate for it, but meh–“regular” revolvers aren’t broken.

    • Elmo,

      I read that Mas Ayoob praised the gun for having low felt recoil. You’re right, that the whole purpose of having the barrel aligned with the lower chamber is to get the bore lower and more in line with the shooter’s arm.

  6. James and Michael,

    I put the gun because it’s new and interesting. At $900, it’s not on my shopping list. Gun writers have commented that the trigger mechanism is overly complicated, and it has sort of an odd cocking mechanism, where the gun is in cocked condition without having a cocked hammer that you can lower.


    It’s sad when people lose the right to defend themselves. In the Philippines this last summer a foreign national with a criminal record held several people hostage at gunpoint. They were trapped in the home. One of the teenagers held hostage was able to stab the guy (fatally) and run out the door naked, when the cops were summoned.

    In the US, it’s an open and shut case, and the kid would have been praised in the papers. In the Philippines, it dragged out for weeks, with the cops trying to decide whether or not they would press charges. I don’t know how the case was resolved, but several teenagers trapped at gunpoint in a house by a drunken madman and made to perform sex acts had the threat of charges hanging over their heads.

    Eskrima legend, the late Anciong Bacon, spent time in jail for killing a man in what was clearly self-defense.

    In the Philippines you need to hope on bribing your way out of a self-defense related injury you’ve caused.

  7. In looking at the caption of the photo I didn’t mean to imply that the CHiappa Rhino is necessarily a good home defense choice –I meant a 4 inch 357 mag, like a Smith and Wesson, or any other major manufacturer.

    Right now, I think Taurus and Charter Arms are making very solid yet affordable self-defense guns suitable for the home.

  8. […] Kuntawman has suggested putting a knife on the seat, that you can grab as you “reach for your wallet.” […]

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