Triangle Choke with the Arms

Triangle Choke with the Arms

Unlike the choke/control shown here, there is much less control of the opponent.


2 Responses to “Triangle Choke with the Arms”

  1. Don’t forget that this can also be done with a stick 🙂 The stick is applied to the shoulder in a rev the motorcycle throttle type movement while you take him to the ground.

  2. Yes, I like this standing choke quite a bit with or without a stick. I also am a big fan of the fang choke, which is similar but has a little different entry. The thing is, i don’t use it as the primary attack but rather it is a more effective type of clinch for firing in multiple knee strikes and the choke aspect is of added benefit. It just gives me more options (e.g. takedowns, throws, disengage and escape, etc).

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