Are We No Longer Defending America?

Amo Guru Michael Blackgrave posted about a local martial artist who was asked to leave a public park because he was training students in the martial arts. Amo Guru Blackgrave has had the same thing happen to him.

Danny Dietz, Navy SEAL and Hero

I relate this to a faction in a town town that objected to a statue of a local SEAL killed in combat, because the statue had him carrying a gun, which “glorified violence.” The statue would be close to schools and playgrounds, which means that children would see a statue of a fallen soldier with a rifle. (Never mind that the statue is based on the last photo of Dietz before he was killed.)

How about the boy who was told that he could not bring an American flag to school because it was too provocative? Thank goodness concerned people (bikers, mainly) rallied in support of the kid and escorted him to school, flags flying.

Maybe that’s what Amo Guru Blackgrave and his friend need, a public rally at the park with every martial arts school in town. Involve the police, local ministers, the mayor and other elected officials, and make the case that we as martial artists are among the best citizens in the community. Martial artists are not drug users, dealers, addicts, thieves, bullies, etc.

As I wrote here, if we as martial artists are active and visible in our

Cody Alicea. Who is threatened by this kid and his flag?

contributions to the community, it becomes harder for people to slander us with ignorant misconceptions.

It’s an idea that I have borrowed from the Dog Brothers –that we as warriors are fighting for a larger cause. We are fighting for the right of citizens to arm themselves, to defend themselves, and to support our country.



Rally in Support of Cody


5 Responses to “Are We No Longer Defending America?”

  1. Our class was training on a baseball diamond when a police wagon stopped and asked us to come over so we did with sticks in hand lol, one of our guys was kind of verbally defensive as he approached but the cop just wanted to know if we had seen a a guy in the area and showed us a photo.

    Another time I passed by a bank with several police cars outside and one cop stopped me while I was walking because I matched a description (white male, etc.) of the robber. I told him of the knife in my pocket as I lifted my arms up so he takes it out to look at then puts the Spyderco back in my pocket and goes on to check my other pockets and backack.

    So each time, we have to ask ourselves if it is the social/political enviroment or just the individual police man.

    At another park we were training outside and a solider in his camo uniform looked at us as he passed by; I almost went over to him to invite him to train with us. Our class charges a small fee for expenses but are registered as non-profit, maybe we should target the local military guys as a thank you; after all, my partner at the school has a son in the military.

  2. Oh, as part of the, “We are fighting for the right of citizens to arm themselves, to defend themselves, and to support our country.” I was part of the first Guardian Angels chapter in my city but it didn’t take off and we went from 8 members to just 2 of us within 2 years. Although it is an unarmed group I still saw it as an important outlet to allow people to become active in standing up against crime in their area and not leaving it solely to the paid police. It could still work here (and anywhere) but the locals are too set in the, “Leave it to the police” mindset.

  3. jimmyfatwing Says:

    One word….MADNESS!

  4. Don’t know whats happening to my America…sad…

  5. James,

    Police are often very supportive. I remember doing a demo for the local police when I was in Kenpo.

    In the Philippines, GM Estalilla’s father didn’t get into trouble after a fight with a local boxer in his future in-laws front yard because many of the cops were his students!

    My dad told me there were times when he could have legally cited a guy for concealed carry (such as seeing a man at the side of the road changing a flat tire, with a pistol at his waist), but after judging the guy to be just a family man going about his business, did nothing.

    Thanks for your service in the Guardian Angels. I wish more people had such civic spirit.

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