Real Life Combat: Trash Can vs. Knife

The Trash Can as a Weapon

A Brooklyn store owner counterattacked a knife-wielding robber with a trash can. (See the video Here.)

Police need the public’s help to identify a man who held up a Brooklyn shop owner and robbed him.

But the store owner didn’t let his money go easily — he used a trash bin to try to can the robber’s plan.

The man police are looking for walked into the store at 65 5th Avenue in Prospect Heights last Wednesday afternoon and showed a knife and demanded money.

Instead of complying with the demands, the smoke shop owner fought back with the plastic trash container, hitting the robber on the head and body.

Nevertheless, the robber got away with an unknown amount of cash — and luckily the shopkeeper was not hurt.”

Some have criticized the store owner’s decision to fight over a robbery, especially over what was likely a small amount. However, there is something in us –a sense of moral outrage– that makes us want to punish thieves, even though in retrospect it’s probably not a good idea. The store owner acted intelligently by using a garbage can.

Don’t laugh at a garbage can (or trash bin). Another New York man was hospitalized after being assaulted with a trash can.

In order to use the trash can as a weapon, use it like a chair. Strike high to create a barrier against the opponent’s strikes, while kicking low.


2 Responses to “Real Life Combat: Trash Can vs. Knife”

  1. When I first read this I thought it meant he used the can lid (prompted by the image of a metal can) and thought, best not try this with a plastic lid as they are too flimsy; but after watching the video I see that is was the actual garbage basket and a plastic one at that.

    I won’t judge the man for defending his store, to me stealing money that you worked for is like stealing your time. The video does a good job of showing how to use an object to create space between you and the attacker. However, if the object is grabbed it could be foolish to engage in a tug-o-war with the attacker; it may be more prudent to use the jujutsu concept of using the attackers strength against him IE. Pull the object away but when he pulls back let go so that there is no resistance and he tumbles backwards, use this time/distraction to follow through with some other defense or to run away.

  2. James,

    You added the part I neglected to mention.

    Like the chair, thrust with it toward the opponent’s face. If he grabs, go with it and push, again looking to land with low level kicks or knees.

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