Making a Big Stick

I went to a local hardware store and got a handle, I believe it’s either a hoe or a shovel handle, for about eight dollars. The stick is ash, which is very light and very strong. Remember, if it’s a shovel handle, it has to be very tough.

Here is the stick I bought, uncut.

The replacement handle. Right now, it's too long.


If you train in Tapado, this is a good length, even though it won't handle stick-to-stick Tapado sparring.

The next step is to cut the stick down to about 36 inches. I cut this down to 37, because I like to have a little extra reach without compromising close-range capability. The result is a stick that is big, tough, and yet surprisingly fast.



One Response to “Making a Big Stick”

  1. I love hardware stores for various handles, but always test it before you depend on it to save your life. Mattock handles, sledge hammer handles, etc.

    I made a nice wood training hachet from an ax handle the same length as my Ontario machete. More realistic than a rattan stick.

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