Real Life Combat: Home Invasion

The home invasion in Connecticut has been weighing on my mind. I remember a teacher in high

The Petit Family. Only the Father Survived.

school telling me that most guys breaking into your house “just want to steal your TV.”

My thought back then was, “But what if that’s not all they want?”

In the Connecticut home invasion, two ex-convicts  followed a mother and her daughters from the grocery store.

William Petit told the jury he woke up on his couch the morning of July 23, 2007, feeling terrific pain and the sensation that blood was running down his face. He saw two people standing nearby.

“If he moves, put two bullets in him,” Petit recalled one of the assailants saying.

The father was tied up in the basement. Two daughters, 11 and 17 were tied to their beds. THe felons then took the mother to an ATM and forced her to withdraw money.

Once they returned to the home, the mother was raped and strangled. The 11 year old was molested, and then the house was set on fire. The 11 year old died of smoke inhalation. The older daughter apparently got up from the bed and tried to run after the fire melted her restraints. She died also.

The father was able to escape and crawl out of the basement.

Lessons Learned:

1) Evil Exists:

There are times when it’s not enough to give them your wallet. Just doing what they say may not be enough. Many people are simply gambling that nothing bad will happen to them. Statics and probability are not good methods of self-defense.

2) Don’t Let Them Tie You Up:

The father shouldn’t have let them tie him up. I’m not faulting him –he probably had never thought this through. I am not pretending that by resisting being tied up that everything would have been okay and no one would have been harmed. The thugs might very have killed the father, but the noise might have alerted the neighbors or his family. He might have been able to escape. Perhaps he was just lucky that he didn’t burn with the rest of the house. The daughters also had the chance to resist being tied up.

Even if they had been beaten to death, it was still preferable to being molested and burned alive. Maybe one of them may have been able to escape. Once again, the noise of a struggle may have alerted the others in the family or the neighbors. Keep in mind, the felons would have had to fight the father, then fight both girls, then fight the mother. I like those odds better than letting themselves be tied up.

3) Stash Weapons:

People will ask, “What if you don’t have your stick?” Of course, these pe0ple are smarter than you because they are counting on nothing to defend themselves. There is no reason why your house can’t be an arsenal. Stash knives, sticks, and guns all over your house. I can’t find any evidence in the news that the felons had a gun. Admittedly, the father was hit in his sleep, but where were his weapons. Even if he got a knife and the lowlifes prevailed, they then have to go through two daughters, and their weapons, and the mother, who also has weapons.

This is not as far-fetched as it sounds. I remember years ago in California a jealous ex-boyfriend broke into a home late at night, wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a silenced. Yes, the odds of encountering a home invader with a bulletproof vest and a silenced firearm are very, very small. But it did happen. Yet the woman’s son got a .22 rifle from a closet and shot the invader in the back of the head. The odds were against the family, but a gun (even a measly .22) made it possible for a boy to defend the family.

Might some type of training, like Sammy Franco’s bat defense video have made a difference?


4 Responses to “Real Life Combat: Home Invasion”

  1. How about a dog? The pooch doesn’t have to be a man-stopper or even a threatening dog…just a yapping little terrier can make enough noise to wake up folks and allow them to arm themselves (and call 911). Be prepared…not surprised.

  2. Old Dave,

    Good point. The yapping terrier might have prevented the father from getting whacked in the head in his sleep.

    And many dogs are formidable enough to serve as “weapons.”

  3. I can’t comment on guns with regard to Canadian laws, but knives and sticks can be mounted under kitchen tables, under coffee tables, and desks.

    For knives, a lot of modern sheaths these days have holes so you can mount them to your backpack and webbing in a number of ways, these holes also allow you to screw the sheath to the underside of flat surfaces. A little more dangeous is to epoxy magnets to the surface and just store the bare knife using the magnets.

    For sticks, go to a hardware store and get the spring clips meant to hold brooms and shovels on the wall and mount these under your flat surfaces.

  4. Ya’ll need to meet my dogs. loud, obnoxious, and scrappy.

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