Sammy Franco Baseball Bat Defense

Sammy Franco has a video on baseball bat defense here. (You can buy it here.)

Does anyone have this? Although I haven’t seen the whole video, what is visible in the clip looks solid. I do, though, have misgivings about the two-handed stick blocks.

The disarm he uses would be one that the long stick practitioner should learn to counter. My solution is to¬† drop your weight and the pommel toward the ground, or get the second hand off of the bat so both hands aren’t locked up.

In several scenes the defender can be seen holding both hands up in a high guard, which is vital if countering a baseball bat.


3 Responses to “Sammy Franco Baseball Bat Defense”

  1. Any technique can defeat another technique so I won’t get into what he should or should not be doing.

    As to two handed stick blocks we showed this is class when we were using a 4′ stick with a bat like grip. I explained to the student that blocking between the hands allows the attackers weapon to slide into one of your hands, but it you block with both hands at one end the attackers weapon slides harmlessly (with the right body movement) off of your stick.

    Also, the 90 degree two hand block is too risky to use if your stick is not as strong as his, you will find out too late when his stick breaks through your stick and smashes you in the head. If you must block is such a manner then at least block the hands and not the bat.

    Uneducated fighters do force on force blocks; trained fighters parry the offending weapon off to a safe path causing an opening for their own strike.

    Not that self-defense should be include complex techniques, but most MA DVDs are made for the person who has little to no training so if you do nothing but buy DVDs then you will get a lot of basic instruction without understanding the advanced concepts. We like to say, “There is no advance techniques, just basics done well”. It can take years to learn the basics.

  2. James,

    Good points.

    On the 90 degree angle block, I explain it like this: If you were trying to break your stick, you would do exactly the guy doing the 90 degree angle block.

    Ron Balicki points out in the Stun, Stagger, Stop video that if you do the two-handed staff grip block, and one of those hands gets smashed (e.g. you misjudge the block), it may be game over –at least it’s a drastic game changer.

  3. I’ll be sure to add the point about “if you were trying to break your stick” when I talk to students. Thanks!

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