Posers of the Week

Ice Skating Backwards?

Where do I start with this one? Honestly, my first reaction was “What the #@!?”

That was also my second reaction. The guy on the left is leaned too far forward, and his hands don’t guard his head. If you were to grab his hair you’d pull him right over. He also can’t land a punch with anything on it because he’s hunched forward. In a fight you will see this guy throw flailing, hooking punches (windmilling) with both hands that have no power because he’s trying to keep his head down to keep from being hit.

The guy on the right …”What the #@!!?” A simple solution is to rush him and bowl him over.

Why does the left hand on the left knee stay glued to the left knee as it moves backwards?

What is amazing is that this photo series is not of two 10-year-old kids posting themselves on You Tube. “Hey, look! Me and Billy are doing kung-fu in the backyard.”

I think these guys need help from a real master, like Ninja Bob. Maybe Ninja Bob should feature these guys on his site to make himself look like Bruce Lee by comparison.


4 Responses to “Posers of the Week”

  1. Where the heck did you get this from?!? That is me teaching the CIA just prior to Viet Nam; you’re not supposed to have access to those files!

    I don’t know what decade those photos are from but whenever I find an old Jujutsu book from the 30s to 60s I get excited but then quickly disappointed when I open the cover and see all the white guys in their three-piece suits all off balance.

    Was it a secret policy back in those days to intentionally teach westerns bad techniques and form? Is that why Bruce Lee got so mad at the classical mess back in those days?

  2. Found it! It is from the Todd Group, one of those guys who think that all you need is WWII combatives. WWII combatives is like a cult and the followers are stuck in time; the joke is on them because the combatives were a blend of arts ment to be simple and quick to teach for use in war. So these people are getting parts of arts rather than a solid foundation.

  3. James,

    But I can’t imagine anyone like Fairbairn doing this sort of technique. When I look at the old texts like “Kill or Be Killed” I can’t find anything like duck-walking backwards in a crouch.

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