The Palm Sap

ATodd Foster Palm Sap

The palm sap is an odd, rarely seen weapon that I was previously unaware of. Typically, the palm sap is a weight with a band so that it can be slipped over the hand. The weight rests on the palm of the hand, while the band crossing over the back of the hand keeps it in place.

One police officer posted the following:

My first Sheriff actively encouraged the use of a lead slapper. Used properly, I have found that the wide slapper/beavertail is — at its worst — every bit as good as an expandable baton.

At its best, a slapper is much more effective than the baton.

Palm saps are sneaky little jewels. Mine was a disc of lead encased in leather about an inch, maybe an inch-and-a-bit in diametre. It was attached to a leather loop in such a way that the lead was held in the palm, with the loop across the back of the hand.

An open-handed, jovial “hey-buddy-how-ya-doin’?” smack to the elbow, bicep, floating ribs or thigh caused a drunken redneck or three to reconsider their options.

An open slap to the head or jaw would probably knock someone cold, but I never had to go that far.

Sap gloves are bloody good in-fighting tools. They are both more versatile than a slapper, and at the same time, less versatile.

While wearing sap gloves it is possible to use your hands to do other things — grabbing a subject, applying handcuffs, dailing phone, etc.- while still keeping the weapon on paw, so to speak.

However, having the lead shot spread across the back of you knuckles limits you to punches and backfist/backhand shots.

Effective, but Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police tend to start developing heartburn upon seeing a vidcam

Todd Foster Palm Sap

shot on the evening news of one of their officers back-handing a critter, even if the critter really, really needed it.

With a slapper, or palm sap, you can be a little more discrete and still get the job done without that nasty closed-fist punch, or back-of-the-hand pimp-slap that doesn’t really look good on CNN.

If you couple the slap of my earlier post with the added impact of a palm sap, you have a powerful yet low profile tool at your disposal.


15 Responses to “The Palm Sap”

  1. It looks like something I could make and certainly follows well with your slap post.

    Have you heard anything about the effectiveness of shot over solid lead? I’m thinking that solid lead would impart more of the force because it doesn’t move around as much as lead shot, but that is just a guess.

    I’ve seen one brand of sap gloves with shot in it but it didn’t seem to have that much in them. Certainly, the shot in this case would be easier on the knuckles than solid lead; also solid lead wouldn’t give the flexability gloves need.

  2. I have had a small leather, shot-filled sap for years. My Dad gave it to me on my 16th. birthday. That thing is worth its weight in gold. Most jurisdictions won’t let a cop carry one. I would take it over a telescoping baton, PR-24, taser, stun gun, pepper spray. etc. It is a nice little gem. I really like the idea of a palm sap, that pimp=slap technique on Mr. Olympia steroids….really cool. It might be all you need, in addition to the 1911A1.

  3. James,

    I do know one potential problem with the shot is having it spill or fly all over. I’ll talk to my dad, but I think I remember him mentioning one sap “exploding” and spraying buckshot like confetti.

    One cop mentioned the technique of hitting with the edge of a flat sap into large muscle groups. You might experiment with that.

  4. […] I have written about the relatively obscure palm sap earlier. […]

  5. Hello I a 3/8 thick steel plate bar and mold leather around the steel. making the palm sap and Jack Saps for 3 years under the guidence of Chas Clements. Having excellent reviews on effective striking and impact on assailants. light and yet quite effective to hit on the elbow, arm neck nose and face.
    have a look at my product line as well videos!

    I am happy to make any modifaction on these saps for your needs.

    • Critical J Says:

      Well, nice work all-in-all, but $70 for $5 of raw material? That’s quite a mark-up, bro. I can make one myself, with bits from the machine shop and some spare leather. I love to support the craftsmen of the world, but do yours ever go on sale?

      • Friend, if you can make one that’s awesome, for those who cannot, buy from me. Yes I make quite a lot of palm saps. People pay to have a solid build palm sap. Its also a leather treat to have something made just for you. Field tested, US and canadian army use them. I use mine too! I appreciate the feedback too keeps me on my toes.I’m so busy I am 2 monthes behind on orders.

      • Steve,

        Please keep me posted on any future projects or new products.


        Check out over 20 impact weapons

      • Critical J,

        Please keep in mind that the cost of raw materials for any manufactured product is very low compared to its retail price. What is the value of the steel and plastic in a car? The value of the parts in a computer?

        When you’re paying for something handmade, built by a craftsman, Greenman Leather is reasonable. Those who want to go the budget route (and there’s nothing wrong with that) are welcome to do so.

      • Wow thanks for the big up man! Its the time a finishing touches that cost the bucks. They are quality made and to order so know it was made for you! There are a bunch of folks copying my work. But at the end of the day the customers alway come back to me.

        Stay safe, and if you all really want a discount email me now for the next hour ONLY 710PM my time, what the heck 20 percent off!

  6. Stephen, nice work!

    Please join us over at the new version of the Big Stick Combat Blog:

  7. G. McKinney Says:

    I’m looking for the old fashioned, teardrop shaped lead shot filled cosh with leather loop handhold on the small end.

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