The [Female Dog] Slap as a Weapon

When I studied Jeet kune Do with TimĀ  Evans Sensei, he taught us the “wallop,” a weapon of JKD. The wallop is in essence a bitchslap. You might think that the slap is a sissy weapon. Not so. Just a couple of wallops on the focus mitt will convince you of the move’s power.

I taught a friend of mine the wallop. One day at work some guy was harassing him, so he let go with the slap. He knocked the guy backwards on his butt. He was so rattled that the fight was slapped right out of him.

In knife defense a slap can be used to set up the disarm. Rather than wade in and try to grab the arm or disarm a knife wielder, a slap stuns the opponent, creating an opening that can be exploited. Master Ed Planas excels at this technique., where the slapping hand slides along the arm to help with a disarm (or redirecting the knife into your own gut).

The slap also has the advantage of not damaging your knuckles. Few people imagine how easy it is to break or screw up your knuckles on someone’s skull.

In delivering the wallop, it follows the same path as the hook, and the mechanics are the same. The contact point is not the fingers, but the center, or the hollow, of the palm. When you practice on a focus mitt, you will hear a resounding “thwap” when you execute the wallop correctly –you’ll also be able to immediately identify the weak slapping sound of someone who is hitting incorrectly.

Poor Form on Defense


7 Responses to “The [Female Dog] Slap as a Weapon”

  1. Hey man, I totally agree. I call it the “pimp slap” but it is essentially the exact same thing. When I was a kid we used to practice our boxing in the street, open-handed. We called it “slap-boxing” and it used to get pretty spirited. If you’re not wrapped or wearing gloves your knuckles can really take a beating puching someone’s skull, so open hand hits are a smart move. Also, the pimp-slap comes in at an oblique angle making it hard to see and pick up. I like the open-palm upper-cut as a follow up if I’m in close. A little clinch and knee work is always a nice finisher or you can make space and beat feet, depending on the situation.

  2. In JKD it has a little more finesse than what you see in the movies. A big raise the arm above your head (like Ronald there) before you bring it down to the face is not JKD. Think of it more like a shoto. almost straight out but with a bit of an arc; if you are using it from a block then it can be more curved but it still is not a wind up, you are just taking it from the block to the head. Best when done to the ear with a cupped hand.

    If used on the arms it is generally called more of a parry that a slap but the motion is similar.

  3. Guys,

    As always, you’re spot on. The oblique angle (particularly downward) is the deal for knife counters.

    The trick (as James explains) is to deliver from your guard, without the windup.

  4. From guard is good, without the wind-up. Kinda like you’re talking on a mobile phone sort of gesture then straight into throwing a baseball. probably need to see it to appreciate it. i have thrown it from my hands on my waist position, like a pre-emptive deal. KO’d a dude that way once, hit him right on the mastoid process and down he goes…still holding the beer in my other hand, LOL!! OK, OK, no thug style intended, but IT WORKS!!

  5. Tommy,

    I think that’s the test of a true master –being able to knock someone out without spilling your beer!

  6. jimmyfatwing Says:

    I do like the slap, popular in the UK with people such as Peter Consterdine, ESDS, and Den Martin – one reason being that it looks less aggressive, another being the reduced damage potential. And you can get good power etc with it. I believe some police forces have also adopted it.

  7. Jimmy,

    It’s one of those things where in court it he will have to say (or tell the cops) “He slapped me,” which just doesn’t sound as brutal as being punched.

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