Hit Harder in Close with the Big Stick

Once again, do an experiment with me. Get close to the bag (about 2 feet back) and hit it with the staff grip, both palms down, overleft. [“Overleft” is a term of GM Estalilla of Kabaroan describing a strike that comes from 10 or 11 o’clock.] You will find that you feel a stinging in your left palm.

Now try a different strike from the same distance. In this case, your right hand grips the stick or bat at the pommel. The left hand is about a third of the way up, palm up. Now strike overleft. You’ll find that you can hit harder, without the stinging.

Windup for the staff strike. Note How Cramped the Body Is

Staff Strike. See How Awkward the Wrist and Elbow Are.

Windup for the Rap. The Elbows Are In, and the Torso is Covered.

The Rap. The Elbow and Wrist Are in a Natural, Strong Position


2 Responses to “Hit Harder in Close with the Big Stick”

  1. I’m gonna have to try this out, but for now you are using two different grips with two different strikes. Your first strike is a wide two-hand strike but your second strike is a narrow two-hand baseball bat strike. A proper bayonet strike would look like the first photo but with the left hand palms up.

    The first is more of a pushing motion and the second is more of a slicing motion.

    To be fair, the palm up/palm down grip in the second should have the same spacing as the both palms up grip. Otherwise the difference is like that between Bojutsu and Kenjutsu or staff and sword.

  2. James,

    You’re right –it is apples and oranges. My goal is the most effective two-handed grip in close, even if I have to “cheat,” ha ha.

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