How to Improve Your Stick Takedowns

I have one simple tip to improve your stick grappling and takedowns.

Note the Hand at the Striking End of the ASP Is Palm-Down.

Try switching the hand at the striking end of the ASP from palm down to palm up. (This is bayonet or rifle grip.)

By switching to palm up, you can cinch the hold by dropping your left elbow. The forearm, wrist, and elbow are no longer at an awkward canted position. Now when you drop your elbow your forearm pushes the opponent’s back, creating a pincer that forces him forward into the stick.

Don’t take my word for it. Go through your stick grappling moves and try them out to see if bayonet/rifle grip doesn’t improve them.


One Response to “How to Improve Your Stick Takedowns”

  1. For me it depends on the technique used; some will have two palms up, others two palms down, and still others with one palm up and one palm down.

    Practice various grips and use the best one that works for you for that particular technique.

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