Poser of the Week: Ninja Bob

Ninja Bob Perched Atop a Brick Outhouse

On the Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society homepage, Ninja Bob (founder of the Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society) announces that he is available for “training, shows, demonstrations, seminars & interviews!”

The homepage is labeled “Ninja Bob’s Muay Thai,” and believe me, nobody was better at Muay Thai than the ninja. And when you say BLACK SCORPION NINJA, now you’re talking real Muay Thai, not the phony crap some Laotian might teach you.

Not only do you learn real ninja muay thai, but you also get this awesome patch:

Exalted Grandmaster Black Scorpion Ninja Bob

Super Awesome Patch! It Doesn’t Get Any More Thai Than This!


8 Responses to “Poser of the Week: Ninja Bob”

  1. “Tell all your friends, confidently,
    ā€œIā€™m a member of the Black Scorpion Ninjutsu Society!ā€

    Ahahahahahah, oh the pain! it hurts! it hurts! mercy! please stp me from laughing, it’s no fun!

    No one needs this trash. Why does every fat guy I know who has been feed a steady diet of sci-fi/fantasy/martial art movies and a bowl of Ego Pops every morning look exactly the same? They all look the same!

  2. James,

    I laughed out loud at the “ego pops” bit.

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  6. Hello to all, glad I could make you laugh. Muay Thai and Ninjutsu is a great combination. Keep this going…I enjoyed reading your comments.

  7. hanshi wally mymomto on tomo Says:

    I teach mauy thai ninjutsu and bushido and also offer over 20 weapo.s to train with our #1 teaching is the art of the samuari sword a lot of hard work goes into learing these skills and even more to teach them. Ninja Bob (KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK)

  8. Thank all of you for taking the time to talk about me. Glad I could make you laugh. Keep the post coming!! -Ninja Bob

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