Do It Now

My dad is struggling right now. He just got out of the hospital following a severe reaction to chemotherapy. He’s at the point where standing is an effort, and getting in and out of the bathtub is more than he’s capable of –even with my mom’s help.

I remember GM Giron as an old man. “I want to work out,” he said, “but my body fights me.”

I realize my own mortality. All of us need to come to terms with the fact that someday we will look back wistfully on the days when we could pick up the stick and strike with power. We’ll long for the days when we could “play,” enjoying the challenge of sparring with friends.

I don’t want to look back some day and regret the times that I was “too tired” to get up off the couch. I don’t want to find myself hardly able to stand and think, “If only I’d worked out, I might not be in this shape today.”

I’ve lost all my excuses not to work out. I’m going to exercise and thrill to pounding the bag as hard as I can, and try to master the challenge of controlling the big stick and taking my art to the next level.

Now is the time to do it, before it’s too late.


2 Responses to “Do It Now”

  1. Thank you for that, we all need to be reminded sometimes. I’m with you all the way. Best wishes to you and your family, I’ll keep you in my thoughts. Now go swing some lumber!

  2. In our school we use the 17 Chinese Wand Exercises using a 4′ stick; even a 60 year old can do these exercises.

    Here are similar exercises done while seated in a chair:

    The important thing with older people is to give them something they can do everyday no matter how simple so that they can maintain their confidence and self-esteem; you can always work up the exercises as they show improvement. Exercises for seniors should be based on flexibility and circulation more so than just strength.

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