New Sap Wallet

I stumbled across a new sap wallet designed by Todd Foster. It is a coin purse that functions like a sap in an emergency.

Check here for ordering info.


2 Responses to “New Sap Wallet”

  1. Nice design.

    Fred Perrin has a similar design (some other small weapons ideas there too):
    but I’ve also seen one that was just a long flat tube of leather that would be easy to make.

    I’ve also seen a leather bookmark at Chapters book store that was stitched leather with a heavy metal disk stitched in on both ends with the centre of the bookmark being slightly narrow. This looked quite a bit like a sap though and if you had it on you without a book it would be hard to explain any secondary use to a cop. The coin ones would be easier to explain away.

  2. i was looking for a thing like that, but i didnt wanted one that looks like one. because this might cause problems. so i bought a adult pencil case from jansport (model jtms9) and i think it will do the job quite good and it does not even far looks like a sap.

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