The Panabas

Check this out from Cold Steel:

Two-Handed Panga Machete from Cold Steel

This webpage also has a video of the machete in action.

According to GM Giron, this weapon (which although it’s billed as African, has counterparts in the Philippines) is the inspiration behind the “kabaroan,” or “new” styles.

This is basically a machete on a stick. Given the weapon’s greater length, new techniques had to be originated to adapt to the weapon. Remember, you adapt to the weapon, you become an extension of the weapon, not vice versa.

This is simply the bladed form of Big Stick Combat. For the person who cannot own a firearm, I don’t see how you could do better than to have one of these for self-defense in the home. If nothing else, the deterrence factor (Do you really want to mess with that blade?) would be formidable.


2 Responses to “The Panabas”

  1. A local store sells those for $40 and the American tanto style model for $50. I am very tempted to get the tanto one as a cheap short sword to play around with (I have neither the cash or the need for a several $100 Katana).

    I have only handled the tanto model and because the handle is almost as long as the blade it gives a different feel than the Katana swords I have used.

  2. jimmyfatwing Says:

    Fearsome looking tool, interesting…thanks for the link.

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