Butt Strike

Check out this video from the “Human Weapon” series. This shows the devastating power of the butt stroke.

Josh Morales wondered why I grip the stick at the very end, rather than choke up, which is conducive to butt strikes. My preference is always for greater reach. The idea is that by using a bat, with a pommel at the end, I can still get power from the butt strike without choking up on the stick.

If we look at this sequence in the video, how could it be used against an opponent with a short stick or similar weapon?


4 Responses to “Butt Strike”

  1. The problem with those Human Weapon clips is that they try to make every technique sound so deadly with just one blow when the fact is that they are used in compition many times with few deaths.

    All I’ll give them is that I’d rather be hit with a fish than a rifle butt.

  2. James,

    Admittedly the series has to hype things up for the audience. If you’ve seen some of the Philippines segments from these shows, they’re ridiculous, with guys doing matches at cockpits or practicing at Pagsanjan Falls.

  3. Hola Darrin:

    Cuanto tiempo sin hablar con usted. Espero que todo vaya bien. Me da envidia por su viaje a Filipinas. Ya me contará como le ha ido y sus nuevos conceptos. Saludos y un abrazo desde España.

  4. Miguel,

    Te envie un libro por correo electronico.

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