Baston vs. Baseball Bat

Check out the following video, featuring Master Shaun Porter of Lightning Scientific Arnis. Master PorterĀ  prefaces

Short Stick vs. Baseball Bat

his demo by stating how baseball bats have become the weapon of choice for street thugs in the UK.

His counters to the bat are:

1) Jam with live hand and thrust to body

2) Jam/block with stick

3) Hit the bat and merge with the swing while stepping back, then move in.

4) Hit the hand while stepping back and evading the weapon.

Note also the disarms at 3:25.

Master Porter makes a couple of points that remind me of GM Estalila’s teachings. Hitting the hand is not the easy solution you think it is. In medium range momentum will carry the bat into your hand, or body, head. At long range if you hit the hand and the opponent loses his grip, you are facing a potential projectile in the form of a baseball bat.

I’m interested in your feedback on these techniques.


8 Responses to “Baston vs. Baseball Bat”

  1. All valid lessons but not restricted to Escrima. Jamming on either the start or end of a swing is also used in unarmed defense. Also, no technique is done in any art without awareness of range and body movement.

    It is good to practice defense against bats because they are so common.

  2. I agree with James, jamming is the way to go to get inside the deadly arc of the bat. Having said that, most of those techniques would likely get you killed against someone who knew what he was doing with a bat. The “bad guy” in the video telegraphed his strikes by winding up for example. Using a bat/ big stick gives you a definite advantage if you fight “loaded” and ready to explode non-telegraphically. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much people will over estimate the damage they’ll inflict with a rattan chop-stick. I have seen others, and have myself taken, full speed, full power hits with rattan and keep coming forward. Look at the Dog Brothers if you doubt this. If you can jam a bat and get inside, then you had better clinch, knee, elbow, head-butt and grapple if that’s your bag. If you train to use a bat then you should be well adept at in-fighting with the weapon in order to have game for close range encounters. We almost always train with disproportionate weapons (e.g. knife vs. bat, etc.) to test these very scenarios. Sometimes the knife wins, if able to get inside, but that is very difficult against someone who knows the game reasonably well. I’ll take a baseball bat over a rattan toothpick any day of the week and I have plenty of legit stuff in my tool box to deal with a guy who wants to come inside. I spar/ stress test this often and I know what I can and cannot do with respect to in fighting. My advice would be for everyone to test their game in this manner. Find a largo mano specialist and acid test your game. Find a good knife guy and see if you can keep him off of you-the guy who gave me the most trouble was an ex-con who never studied any FMA whatsoever but would probably carve most of us up like Thanksgiving turkeys if he had to. Test It Out! Its the only way to be sure. No disrespect to the guru in the video, but that isn’t going to get it done in the real world.

  3. Tommy, to many in the FMA the rattan stick is sacred. To me it is just a training tool. After my new dowel sticks broke in a seminar I bought a set of rattan sticks from the instructor and I am still using the same set of sticks some 10+ years later. Rattan frays rather than breaks and is therefore safer for training. When my dowel stick (which was thicker than the avg rattan) broke it could have hurt someone with the long sharp point.

    In Canada there are lots of bats, dowel sticks, broom handles, metal pipe, etc. and never any rattan unless it is imported. For sticks our native woods are maples, oaks, ash.

    The problem with dowel is that it is made from a much large piece of wood so one tree can make several dowels. The best way to make your own stick is to find a tree the same dia as you want the stick to be and cure it properly. If you must cut t down to size you want to follow the growth rings and not ignore them like they do in mass produced dowel making.

  4. Thank you for posting that. Definitely going to follow up this gentleman. I am, however, concerned that a street-fighter thug might follow up such closing-in movements with a head-butt. Perhaps speed and practice are key?

  5. Quentin,

    The headbutt is always a possibility, which is one of the reasons why I prefer long range.

  6. jimmyfatwing Says:

    Need to watch the video, but my first thought is I’ve not heard of baseball bats being the UK weapon of choice (I don’t read all the news so that’s no concrete fact on my side). Also, I’ve never in 30 years living in the UK seen Simons walking around with an Escrima stick (maybe a cane / walking stick).

    Good techs maybe but are the “tools” practical and realistic?

  7. jimmyfatwing Says:

    Interesting, I stand corrected on that bit ;0)

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