Baseball Bat in a Clinch

Let us imagine that your opponent has closed on you and the two of you are in a clinch position.

Options with the short stick are to try to whip the end into the opponent (abaniko/witik strikes) or to thrust with the tip. The Dog Bros excel at grappling, thrusting techniques.

With a long stick you can choke up and attempt the same -whip strikes or thrusting/gouging.

But the baseball bat is interesting. If you choke up on it, most of the weight is in the forward end, so now you have mass that you can whip into the opponent’s head. It’s like having a brick in your hand during a clinch.

Trying to whip the rattan stick into a clinched opponent. Not very effective.

The long stick is not much better. Abaniko/Witik is still not very effective in close.

Note how I am able to jam the heavy end of the bat into a clinched opponent. With the bat I have the advantage of weight/mass going for me.


3 Responses to “Baseball Bat in a Clinch”

  1. Yeah, I like that idea too. Since I started using a BB bat I have grappled (no pun intended) with how to fight effectively at clinch range. I have found that hoding the bat with two hands allows me to slam and also snap the fat end effectively into an opponent. The added weight makes this a valid option, I think. The downside is that stick-grappling techniques such as fang chokes and arm bars are out. There is always going to be some trade off I guess. One thing that is always a constant is the ability to use head-butts, elbows, clinching and kneeing on the inside. One handed punyo strikes were my bread and butter with a shorter/ lighter stick. The use of the punyo strike has changed with the BB bat, for me it is an effective stop-hit for an opponent who tries to close in on me, inside the arc of the long stick. That punyo is two-handed and hits like a ton of bricks (I actually put a 2 cm. depression into an oak tree practicing with an aluminum bat-imagine the effect on a skull!). Overall I am happy with the inside game, but still trying to improve it.

  2. Also, I forgot to mention, but choking up on the bat and coming straight up the middle like an upper cut is pretty darn effective too.

  3. A clinch is a clinch, that is close grabbing range. I have no problem using a 28″ stick to grapple with, I also can do the same with a 36″ stick.

    I don’t know why you are trying to do long range strikes in a clinch position. You also did not show using the short end.

    With a stick I am not going to get tunnel vision and try to use only the stick to the exclusion of all my natural weapons and techniques.

    People need complete training, not just stick training.

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