Real Life Combat: Baseball Bat vs. Bolt Cutters

Check out the video.

A “deranged driver” (in the audio’s words) hijacks a dump truck and runs through red lights, evades and then tries to run over police, goes up onto the curb, etc., for 45 minutes.

Finally the dump truck is clipped as he runs through a red light, and the truck tumbles. The psycho bolts from the truck and makes a run for it. When the fugitive is confronted by a citizen, Doug, he pulls a pair of bolt cutters from under his shirt.

Fortunately, Doug is also armed with a baseball bat. Doug starts dishing out punishment to the psycho, who backpedals and dodges many of the blows.

1.  At 1:50 Doug starts swinging. Note that he is swinging one-handed, The psycho steps back, but what if he lunches forward on the offbeat? A 2-handed grip would help retain the weapon, and also help retrieve it. After a swing misses, a 2-handed grip “closes off” the body to prevent someone from closing and grappling (tackling).

2. Note that Doug never blocks the bolt cutters. The psycho is on the defensive, and he is so busy evading Doug’s strikes that he cannot launch any strikes of his own.

3. The fight comes to a clinch. Doug is in what I call “carry grip,” with the right hand halfway up the bat. In a clinch this enables Doug to land telling blows with the heavy end of the bat.


2 Responses to “Real Life Combat: Baseball Bat vs. Bolt Cutters”

  1. While I believe it is important to view and understand modern assults if one in interested in self-defence, I feel that you can’t apply martial art terms to people who have no martial arts training. Doug is choking up on the bat as most people do when they intend to swing it one handed, Doug is also taking wild swings without any skill as most people do. The guy with the boltcutters is avoiding the basebat bat as most people do.

    With skill it is easy to get in close to someone swinging a bat if they keep winding up or are slow in the recovery. If I had boltcutters I would use it to block the bat if I had to as boltcutters are made of sturdy metal (I own two pairs, large and small).

    It’s comparing apples to oranges, the only thing they have in common is that they are both fruit.

  2. James,

    I realize the guys in the video have no training. I try to approach it from a “What if?” angle.

    I think Doug in the video should have swung two-handed. He’s lucky the psycho doesn’t time a bat swing, evade, and then counterattack.

    Choking up on the bat makes sense when he is in a clinch. This is an aspect of the baseball bat that most people (including me when I first began looking into the bat as a weapon) are unaware of.

    So I try to analyze video conflicts and look for lessons that I/we can take away from them.

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