High Guard, contd.

I’m glad to see the response generated by my last post. Anyone who agrees with me on everything I say probably isn’t thinking for himself.

Recapping, I believe in the importance of “cover,” of keeping one’s hands up to help protect the head, whether unarmed or armed.

Consider the following:

Middle Guard. Notice how the head is exposed due to the weapon's short length.

Middle Guard with the long stick. I am much more covered by virtue of the stick's length.

Kabaroan Middle Guard

My preferred High Guard Stance. Note how little of the stick is visible.

Traditional Nunchaku Stance

Are there advantages to this stance with the nunchaku? How about other flexible weapons?


4 Responses to “High Guard, contd.”

  1. In Kabaroan Middle Guard the hand is on the stick, is this hand also used to support the stick when blocking? It’s certainly something I’d do if I had to block a baseball bat with a lighter stick.

  2. Welcome back Darrin!

    I came across the following on a “weightlifting/weight training” blog while you were gone, and it seems to very appropriate for the present discussion. These folks lift heavy weights and throw heavy objects, creating “body armor”. Beside the first entry by Gary John, be sure to scroll to Terry Gibbs and David Witt.


    Old Dave

  3. Darrin Cook Says:


    It’s funny how since I talk of baseball bats, you and Frederico think of baseball bat scenarios. That’s a good thing.

    In Kabaroan the thinking is of a similar stick. The live hand is used to help block. For a block I keep the hand open behind the stick. For striking, the hand is closed to form staff grip.

  4. Darrin Cook Says:

    Old Dave,

    Thanks, and thanks for the article.

    I guess it just goes to show that fitness, particularly strength training, has its place, even though resistance training was dismissed as worthless or counterproductive for decades.

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