Real Life Combat: Fatal Fistfight

In the small town where I work (population 3,000), police reported to the scene of a fistfight. One man was found

A Street Thug Kicks a Man Who's Down

unconscious on the ground. He later died at the hospital.

Accounts say that the deceased started the fight, throwing the first punch. His opponent hit him, knocking him to the ground. Once the victim was on the ground, his opponent continued to kick and hit him in the head.

Lessons Learned

1). Is It Worth It?

The victim started the fight over an argument about tools. Now he’s dead. Was getting his Philips screwdriver back worth dying over?

2). Beware the Guy Who Returns to the Scene

Time after time, some guy is kicked out of a bar, or out of a party, or loses a fistfight, or backs down from a fistfight, only to return with a gun. The victim threatened to come back with a gun. I’m not condoning threatening people or returning with weapons to settle arguments, but the smart thing to do would be to return with a weapon (or weapons). The man charged with murder is lucky to be alive.

3). Protect Your Head!

My full contact teacher, Al Smith Sensei, told me an old boxing saying: “Get hit in the body and you get hurt: Get hit in the head and you die.” What this means is that if you get hit in the stomach, or groin, or chest, it may hurt like hell, but you’re still conscious and can defend yourself, but if you get hit in the head and the lights go out, it’s game over. Your assailant can start up his car and drive over you or feed you into the wood chipper. You have no defense when you’re unconscious.

The implications of this are that you must always cover your head. In boxing this means keeping your hands up. This sad fight was an unfortunate example of this lesson: by letting a punch land on his head, he was knocked either unconscious or semi-conscious to the ground, where his opponent was able to kill him.

Next I will look at the implications for stick fighting.


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