I’m Back!

I’ve returned from the Philippines. I didn’t make it to Antique like I’d hoped, but I did gain one interesting insight.

I looked at the types of real-life weapons one finds in the Philippines, and I was surprised to find that what Americans perceive as a bolo (machete), the type of “show” bolo one sees used in Filipino Martial Arts demos, is different from the types of real-world blades you find in the Philippines (or at least in the Visayas as I observed them).

I’ll post on all of this later, but one lesson you might take away from my trip is that its okay to occasionally step away from something, whether it’s a blog, an interest or hobby of yours, a commitment, etc. In the long run it’s better to take a breather and refresh yourself than to burn out.

I can heartily recommend a vacation to the Philippines.


3 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. Joshua Morale Says:

    Darrin, Glad to see you made it back , i responded with a big long response , but it doesnt seem to have shown up for some reason. any way i’ll give you some time to get settled then I’ll get around to re posing it . -Josh

  2. Josh,


    I did read your response, but I don’t know what happened to it. Feel free to repost, and I apologize if I screwed that one up.

  3. With 7,000 islands there are bound to be hundreds of machete designs for various purposes. Even for training there would be no 1 standard machete.

    I have one small sword but I think it is a tourist item do to Philipines being on the blade and the decorative handle.

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