New Video

I’ve just uploaded a new video to my You Tube channel, which is in response to Josh Morale’s questions.


5 Responses to “New Video”

  1. Simple, direct, and powerful. Thank you for that succinct explanation of the Big Stick Combat stance. It really helps to clarify some of the things in your book by seeing it in real time on these short videos. Please keep them coming as you are able. I believe that, with the exception of a couple of subtle differences, your style has evolved similarly to my own. I am quite certain that you have refined things a lot more though, and your Tapado knowledge has enhanced your already considerable Kabaroan concepts from GM Estalilla.

  2. Tommy,

    Thanks. I hope at least the system will make sense to the viewer.

    My plans are for a video in the future (sometime in the fall). I’ll see to it that you get a copy.

  3. Darrin,

    That sounds great. I still like the idea of a “Big Stick” fighters/ practitioners gathering at some point in time. I know how difficult that sort of thing is to bring together but at some point down the line it would be a great way to have a group of like-minded people get together, share ideas, spar, train, and of course have a big barbeque!

    All the best.

  4. Arnold Kelly Says:

    Great video, Darrin! The more I see the videos, the more I’m getting convinced that your high guard is better than the rifle grip as a primary guard position. But I do have a question. Suppose you only have access to a “heavy-ended” object, like a mop or push broom…would you try to use the high guard or go back into the rifle grip to use it?

  5. Joshua Morale Says:

    Darrin, I just reviewed you video response, First off thank you for the reply. Secondly After having an opportunity to work through the material after seeing the video it’s making a bit of sense and the principals behind them make sense, because of the range of application.

    I think the big thing is our methods differ not so much from a technical stand point as much as a tactical stand point. What I mean by that is that our emphasis is on using basically the same tools for different purposes. We are both using a wrench, just one is using a pipe wrench and the other is using an adjustable wrench,who is using what kind of wrench is not the point, the point is that our use of the tool is similar but we are handling different tasks with them.

    In regards to the rifle/bayo techniques really the only difference is that your emphasis is using the slash as a power strike , and we use the slash as a setup (similar to a jab) , with our emphasis on the thrust (cross) and the buttstroke (hook) as power punches with follow ups with a buttsmash. . however I notice that you do not use the buttstroke, for us, this is one of the most valuable parts of the grip and really good against multiple opponents, is there a reason you do not use it?I know you prefer the pommel smash but do you just not dig it?

    In reference to the thrust , your thrust is more akin to Tegner’s pool cue thrust used at a distance, hits with decent power, but more of a set up (jab/lead), and our thrust is more of and close quarters technique that uses the body weight and forward drive as the primary mode of power (power punch). I think once the context of the techniques are understood , the technical differences are explained , this is something that is hard to see in a book or even on a video, really only good way to understand is to experience it.

    I agree that Long range BB/dos manos grip is the preferred range to fight from. This is my preference of ranges. Personally I’m sort of a sneaky elastico type fighter and love Rompida , I’m a scourge to working digits everywhere LOL.

    While My/Ralph’s methods can be used with a really stout stick like a fungo or a utility handle , they are primarily intended for the walking stick. which is a bit more uniform and lighter in weight . I believe the difference in weight make a tactical difference as well. Also explaining why I have reason to have a walking stick is easier than explaining why I have an ax handle, which might be iffy. Out and about a cane is more practical, around the house an ax handle may be more appropriate.

    I think that both methods have very valid points, I also think Lively conversations like these are beneficial to the”big stick/ walking stick” community as a whole.

    Ok , now stop reading internet replys and enjoy your vacation.


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