New Video

I’ve added a new video at my You Tube channel.

I also invite you to check out Josh Morale’s video response to my videos and style.


One Response to “New Video”

  1. I checked out both videos and to be honest I haven’t tried out Darren’s way, but if Josh is not comfortable with Darren’s way then Josh should use Josh way.

    In our style we use right hand/foot forward regardless of 28″ or 36″ IF we are using a 1-hand grip with the right hand. We have an above shoulder stance-right leg back (traditional Irish), a weapon forward stance ala FMA, and a 2-hand stance ala Glen Doyle which is indeed less telegraphic than the other two stances but students use the one that is best for them.

    From the 2-hand stance you can launch a strike with either foot forward. Do we strike R-Hand+R-Foot/L-Hand+L-Foot or do we strike L-Hand+R-Foot/R-Hand+L-Foot? Both, it depends on our footwork and which angle we are stepping off to.

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