Thoughts on Stance

Admittedly, the stance is just a starting point, but I remember GM Maranga warning me about ineffective stances: “In that stance you’re already a dead man.”

Right foot forward, overight

Look at the traditional Tapado stance, with the left hand at the pommel of the stick and the right foot forward. The overight strike is powerful and non-telegraphic.

Right foot forward, underight

However, with the right foot forward and the stick gripped right over left (like most right-handed batters) the underight strike is awkward.

Right foot forward, overleft

Now, with the right hand at the pommel and the right foot forward, I am in a stance resembling a baseball batter’s. If there were a stance more conducive to more powerful strikes with a bat, baseball players would be using it. To start, my shoulders are square to the opponent. There is less power than the baseball stance, but I can strike without telegraphing and I can still twist to wind up if I need to. The overleft strike is powerful and sudden.

Right foot forward, underleft

But note that I can also do the underleft strike, getting my hips into it like a homerun hitter.

In the right forward stance, right hand hand at pommel, and stick at the left shoulder, I can immediately launch into either an overleft or an underleft strike.


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