New Video

I’ve added a new video to my You Tube channel.

The low guard is a ready stance –you’re prepared, but not belligerent. You’re gearing up for trouble, but without alarming anybody.

The high guard is fighting stance.


2 Responses to “New Video”

  1. My reaction to anyone who lifts a stick to their rear is to rush in and jam it, this is sometimes called the 0 pressure zone because the force is going backwards away from you.

    I like having my sticks between myself and my partner but I also train in stick retention and stick grappling. Grap and pull my stick and I’ll go with it and ram it into you with your help.

    I do realize that it is more tiresome to hold a heavy stick out front, especially if you don’t use a heavy stick in your day to day training.

  2. James,

    The position of the stick on the shoulder is one of rest (taken from Combat Eskrima Maranga). Bruce Lee’s fighting stance was similar, in that his lead right elbow rested on his hip, creating a no-tension stance.

    That is my problem with the La Canne Vigny styles, in that the upraised cane is in a position of tension/stress.

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