Tire Knocker Questions Answered

Tire Knocker

Earlier I wrote on the tire knocker as a semi-impromptu weapon. Remember a semi-impromptu weapon is a weapon that you have planned ahead of time to use. This is not the same as an impromptu or an emergency weapon which I pick up at the spur of the moment, say like picking up a tray or grabbing a mop at a McDonald’s when trouble breaks out. Amo Guro Blackgrave mentioned that he keeps a tire knocker in his car, together with other semi-impromptu weapons he has stashed ahead of time.

I had wondered if a tire knocker was a legitimate tool or was just an excuse to carry a club. Well, today when I returned a rented van the U-Haul office had a tire knocker behind the desk. The guy at the desk explained to me that they do in fact use it to check tire pressure. If a tire struck with the tire knocker gives off a thump, it is properly inflated, but if it rings, it is low on air. If I worked at that U-Haul office, a tire knocker would be a perfect semi-impromptu weapon, and I would have several of them placed strategically –out of sight, yet accessible.

In addition to the element of planning, a semi-impromptu weapon must fit into your environment. The tire knocker “fits” in the U-Haul office. Suppose you have a hot dog cart. An 8 inch bayonet or a bolo would stick out like a sore thumb and cry out for the cops’ attention. But you might need a knife to open hot dog packages, and you could select a very sturdy knife with defensive capabilities. An ice pick is better than a bolo or a bayonet (as far as being an innocuous tool and not an exotic weapon), but if you have sodas on ice, then your ice pick makes sense. And with careful planning, you can buy the sturdiest ice pick or even have one made to your specifications.

I’m reminded of the old guy with a bad foot who pedals around his tricycle in Cebu City, selling block ice to the various karaokes and street vendors. He carries an ice pick that must have a 12 inch blade on it, and he could kill you deader than a doornail with it in an instant, because the guy has used it constantly, day in and day out for Lord-knows how many years. Yet who is going to stop him? The ice pick is a necessary tool for his job. If I were that guy, I’d put away the bolos and the rattan sticks and train like crazy with an ice pick.


3 Responses to “Tire Knocker Questions Answered”

  1. You have a very good point here! Match the weapon with your surroundings. I wish more self-defence sites would mention this aspect.

  2. A couple years ago I was a 21 year old clerk in a gas station, working the sleepy night shift in a small Canadian city. Over a period of weeks I’d been harassed repeatedly by a group of rowdy teens, who started with shoplifting and then after I called them out on it, escalated to trying to forcibly enter the locked store and egging the store over subsequent weeks. On the final night of their summer (They were high school students) a very large group 5-6 youths aged 16-20 showed up outside the Gas station. As I had just admitted a customer to pay for his fuel (door was on a manual remote lock) and I was cleaning up behind the counter, they were able to get in the door without me locking it. As soon as they came around the corner of the door they were shouting harassing and derogatory things, advancing toward the register. I picked up the phone and told them that I’d call the police immediately if they didn’t leave. Then the last kid stepped around the corner of the door. He had something wrapped up in an old sweater and all I saw was the dull matte finish of a black pistol grip.

    I dropped the reciever, punched 9-1-1 and grabbed a straw-broom in one hand and a bike-wrench (3 pronged allen key variant http://cdn1.ioffer.com/img/item/190/172/61/o_DSC00282.JPG.jpg) in the other, and with a loud and intimidating yell jumped right over the counter and charged them.

    This reaction was precisely what they were not expecting and they fell over each other getting back out the door and scattered across the parking lot. I stopped one of them and with the help of a middle-aged male customer (who had arrived in the interim) got a name of one of the kids. When the police arrived, the office computer was used to find and identify each of the kids on face book and a team was dispatched to their residences based on the supposition they had a weapon.

    It turned out to be a paintball gun, and reviewing the footage the police officer said to me ‘You’re lucky you didn’t get lit up with paintballs.’

    Luck had nothing to do with it, and I’m sure by reading your website you understand what I mean when I say that.

    I’ve encountered somewhere, mention of a 21-step rule saying that someone carrying a holstered/slung ranged weapon is not going to be able to effectively bring it to bear on someone closing within 21 steps or a roughly 7 meter radius if that person initiates the attack. The flying leap displayed intent and the yell, well, that just helps put the fear of the almighty in someone who is already second-guessing their actions.

    And that is how you rout a bunch of punks. Now I live in a big city and having worked in the Construction industry my weapon of choice is a 21 ounce Stanley framing hammer followed closely by the drywall saw.

  3. […] that you can grab as you “reach for your wallet.” We’ve previously discussed tire knockers, long armed ice scrapers, and even the concealment of knives and guns in your car (Check […]

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