Product Review: Nerf Curve Pitch Baseball Bat

New Nerf Bat

I recently bought the new Nerf “Curve Pitch Baseball Set.”(You can see a video here, even though the emphasis is on the ball rather than the bat.)

Of course, my interest is in the plastic bat, and it is an excellent bat. Although Nerf’s reputation is built on soft foam, this bat is made of very tough plastic.

I previously reviewed the Easton Pro Stix bat (here), and I think the Nerf bat is better. The two are practically identical in length. The Nerf has the edge in being a little more solid, and the nice feature is a rubber grip.

Again, for indoor practice, light sparring, bag drills, demos, 2 man drills, and so on, a plastic bat is a great tool. If you think about it, rattan has served as an inexpensive training stick, being lightweight and readily available. The problem is that you can get long rattan, but it won’t have the shape or the handling characteristics of a bat, which is where the plastic bat comes in.


2 Responses to “Product Review: Nerf Curve Pitch Baseball Bat”

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  2. I’ve done some research on these, and it seems a lot of people find that the bats crack along the raised NERF lettering. I’d pass on these

    The Easton is a better bat. They may not be as solid but they’re pretty rugged, and about half the price. You can get a wooden kid’s bat for the price of the curve pitch.

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