Armed and Driving

A Glock in the Center Console of a Car

I’d like to explore some ideas Amo Guro Blackgrave posted. My comments are in italics.

“A folding knife does have disadvantages while being seated in a car and buckled in. That is why I also keep a small straight blade affixed in my driver side visor of my truck….very accessible. My carry folder is also easily accessible. I carry a cold steel scimitar and it rides quiet high in the pocket and has a design that allows for access even in a pinched situation. So I do think they can be cumbersome, but certain models will work better (such as the scimitar).”

I remember reading an gun magazine article about the difficulty of accessing a gun while seated in a car. If you carry the gun at your hip, it digs in uncomfortably. At the small of the back, it’s unbearable. The author recommended a cross-draw at the waist, a shoulder rig, or even an ankle rig. This is something to think about anytime you’re seated., whether at work or at a movie theater. The knife in the visor is a good example of a semi-impromptu weapon. And if it seems paranoid to stash a knife in the car, you just may need it if you are trapped in your car and you need to cut yourself free.

Knives Stashed in a Car

“As to carrying a stick..I do keep a nice tire thumper under the seat…again easily accessible and legal to have in your vehicle. It is not a stick per se but it will work in a pinch.”

A mini mag flashlight under the seat would also be a good option. My baseball “training bat” (wink wink) is in my back seat.

“A pistola is another nice critter to have on you in a pinch..and in a vehicle it is quiet easy to conceal in an easily accessible place.”

If you keep the pistol in the glove box, cops can’t get to it without a search warrant. Remember, do NOT give consent to search your vehicle. (Please, I am not suggesting you go on a crime spree –it’s just that the law often puts a solid citizen in a bind where he must choose between following the letter of the law and defending himself and his family.)


2 Responses to “Armed and Driving”

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