I have posted a video on the Big Stick Combat You Tube channel to help clarify some questions concerning my style, particularly my stance and the “left-handedness” of it. One note: I don’t why I refer to “staff grip” in the video –I’m demonstrating rifle grip throughout.

There are more videos coming. Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

I was recently viewing the GM Giron video, when I noticed something I hadn’t caught before -I’m in it! At about 50 seconds, GM Estalilla’s student, and my teacher, Guro Ed Planas is speaking with GM Giron. I hadn’t recognized Guro Planas before because his head is turned and you just see the back of his head as he speaks with GM Giron.

I’m the guy in the background in the red sweatpants. (Talk about bit parts!) I recognize the t-shirt as the “Laging Una” shirt that I had made up for demos. The video was from one of our trips to Stockton where we were shown great hospitality by the Bahala Na Club.


3 Responses to “Movies”

  1. You have to like the old video cameo appearances. I’m pretty sure the guy kneeling in the background at 3:58 is my step-dad. He studied Bahala Na with GM Giron and made many trips to Stockton. In fact I got my first lessons in Tagalog and escrima from him!

  2. Wow! Small world!

    I was just thinking of how I miss the old days, and how much fun it was to go down to Stockton. I’m going to have to start going to tournaments.

    I’ve also thought of having a get-together, especially for the long stick stylists.

  3. You guys may have even met each other at one time, it is a small world. He lives in OC and trained with Steve Tarani down there, and others I’m sure but I don’t know all of them.

    A long stick meet up would be most excellent. I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling between Fresno and Sacramento for a while due to school, but interestingly enough Stockton is on the way!

    I went to a recent tournament and it was pretty sad. Way too much protective gear and guys just flailing around with little chopsticks, taking multiple hits to land one. Kinda made me sick to watch.

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