Stick vs. Knife

Yesterday I commented on the disadvantages of carrying a knife as a primary weapon, and relying on a knife system for self-defense. Yet I have carried a knife and doubtless will do so in the future.

There is yet a third option in the stick vs. knife debate –carry both. If you carry a knife and a stick, the knife is accessible when your stick is not. Suppose you are seated, or in a car, or have left your walking stick at the door; in these scenarios your knife is accessible, and you can wield it as a yawara (palm stick) if the situation calls for it.

You can wield the stick and use the knife if someone tackles you, and that someone could be a second opponent that you didn’t see. If you are fighting multiple opponents, the stick serves to keep them at a distance, and the knife is an emergency last measure. Again, this should be a do-or-die scenario, not arguing over who cut in line at Wendy’s.

If you have a stick, having the knife visible can serve as a deterrent to someone charging in, which you can expect as a typical strategy/technique. If your opponent knows he can’t counter your stick at a distance, and sees that things only get more dangerous if he closes, he make think twice about assaulting you.


3 Responses to “Stick vs. Knife”

  1. A folding knife is not the handy weapon people think it is. When sitting, especially in a car, the back of the seat or the side of the door (if you are left handed) can easily slow you down is accessing the folder.

    If you train with a trainer blade (a folding knife with a non-sharp blade) you can practice using it with an “attacker” in various situations. In most cases, if you are attacked with out notice it is much easier to reply to the attack empty handed than it is to deploy a folding knife while under attack.

  2. A folding knife does have disadvantages while being seated in a car and buckled in. That is why I also keep a small straight blade affixed in my driver sie visor of my truck….very accessble. My carry folder is also easily accessable. I cary a cold steel scimitar and it rides quiet high in the pocket and has a design that allows for access even in a pinched situation. So I do think they can be cumbersome, but certain models will work better (such as the scimitar). As to carrying a stick..I do keep a nice tire thumper under the seat…again easily accesible and legal to have in your vehicle. It is not a stick perse but it will work in a pinch.

    A pistola is another nice critter to have on you in a pinch..and in a vehicle it is quiete easy to conceal in an easily accessable place.

  3. David Arias Says:

    Here is a funny story of a friend of mine. Some dude in his class was always looking to fight with him. At the end of the year when they was finishing classes he accepted the “duel” but the night before the fight, he was really concerned about the idea the other guy will carry a knife to the fight so he took a broom handle an filled one tip with nails (should look really nasty) as a precaution. He was right, the afternoon of that day when they were to confront the guy took out a knife, then my friend took his nasty truncheon, the guy got really scared and decided to fight at bare fist. Hope this is a nice example of using a stick against a knife

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