Real Life Combat: Lunatic Crashes Tea Party

Lunatic Is Lifted Off the Ground: Tackler Tucks in His Head to Keep from Getting Punched

At a recent Tea Party rally in Sacramento, some lunatic rushed the stage yelling, “I want my freedom!” “I want my freedom.” (Read here. See the video here.)

A rally-goer executed a picture-perfect tackle, taking the guy out at just above the hip. Too low for punches, high enough to help guard against knees. The tackler then lifts the deranged guy up off of his feet. At that point, the madman can’t counter the tackle, because he has no base (footing) to push off of.

I think this sort of stage crasher has to be taken seriously. Some people will scoff at celebrities who have been hit in the face with pies, but in the initial seconds of the assault, the person on stage doesn’t know what the threat is, and may be experiencing abject terror. Secondly, that person may not have a pie, but a brick, a knife, or a gun.

Take a Seat! Lunatic on His Way Down

Sadly now, even churches must be security conscious. If you attend church, I urge you to see that there is security in place. I have heard of churches who discreetly arm ushers or other security personnel. For decades the Nation of Islam (and the Malcolm X spin-offs) have treated church services as a high-security event.

If you are involved in any sort of public event, particularly one associated with hot button issues such as politics, religion, and social movements you must make organizers aware of the need for security.

Help Arrives.


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