Real Weapons, Peasant Weapons

Notice a “Stick” Being Wielded During a Riot in Venezuela

Part of my thinking is that real weapons, the kind you are likely to either have used against you or are likely to find lying around in a crisis will not be sticks.

Check out this video with guys using tree branches. If you have a viable combat art, it should work with almost anything. And if you think that abaniko, wing block, tapi tapi are going to work with a tree limb, you should think again.

Note in the medieval peasant fighting video that there is technique in the way they wield the cudgel, but the techniques are simple and straightforward.


4 Responses to “Real Weapons, Peasant Weapons”

  1. When using lighter sticks against a club or bat, it is important to position your body out of the way. A beginner may stand there and block a punch, but an experienced person will to to hit without blocking, same when using sticks, and this only works with body positioning.

    Duck under the swing and use your lighter stick to strike or use it to trap the neck and arm to take the fellow down and then use your stick to strike your fallen foe. There is no one technique, this is just an example of avoiding the swing all together as part of your defense.

  2. Darrin Cook Says:


    Good points. Styles that stress blocking are in trouble against heavy weapons. You’re right that it’s best to be in a “no pressure zone,” either before the swing gets started or after it has spent itself.

  3. I think it is notable to say something that many have said before me “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” I do like the concept of the no pressure zone and is ideal in fighting for position.

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