Real Life Combat: Granny Chokes Carjacker

Mrs. Eliud Haliday, Heroine

A 70 year old woman leaped into her van after a young punk carjacked it. She bounded in through the side panel door and got the hoodlum in a chokehold. Eliud Haliday, a native of Brazil, had studied judo, ju-jitsu and capoeira.

“He kept telling me that he was going to kill me, and that he had a gun in his pants,” Haliday said from her hospital bed, hair styled and nails manicured. “I told him, ‘You can’t reach it. Your pants are at your ankles.’ “
Nonetheless, her heart pounded as the suspect — described as a young black man wearing a black short-sleeve shirt and a camouflage hat — hit a parked car, swerved several times and hit a fence.
“I think he was trying to get me to fall out of the sliding door,” Haliday said. “He swerved one time and the door slammed shut and then he was mine.”
His accomplices, four of them, followed in another van as Haliday’s sped east on Beville Road.
“His friends were screaming, ‘Bail out, bail out,’ ” she said. “I kept asking him if he wanted to stop all this nonsense and get out, but he kept going.”
Haliday, a retired nurse who described herself as kind and gentle at all other times, said it was necessary to defend herself so she did what she had to do.
“I can’t believe how hard it is to break somebody’s neck,” she said. “I just kept choking him until he couldn’t talk. I thought he’d at least faint.”
By the time the suspect made it to Ridgewood and Rutledge avenues in South Daytona, he’d had enough. He leaped out and was picked up by his cohorts.

I heard on an NPR interview with Eliud that the van was a gift from her late husband, and she wasn’t going to let it go. This episode shows, as I have repeatedly pointed out, the value of a good choke in a self-defense situation.


2 Responses to “Real Life Combat: Granny Chokes Carjacker”

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  2. I love this! Some baking site has linked to my post because it’s related to “Granny” Smith apples!

    Be careful you don’t get choked out by a Granny Smith apple!

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