New Big Stick Combat Group

I’ve added a “Big Stick Combat” group over at the forum. If you join the forum you can join my group. Other groups pretty much just sit there, but I would like to be able to use the group to send occasional e-mails to those who are interested in my blog, the FMA, and combat with the long stick. I would also like to share material with those who express an interest in my style. At this point I have a couple of pamphlets, a book, and more items on the way.

I am also officially taking students. If you can make it here to Idaho, or can get me to your location, we’ll work it out.


2 Responses to “New Big Stick Combat Group”

  1. Jules Weinberg Lakan Says:

    Allways looking to share ideas. Have researched the cane for a number of years and I am looking for additional resources regarding the use of a big stick for self defense.Also attempting to integrate my Philippine training and the use of a walking stick or cane. Any info is appreciated.

  2. Jules,

    The essence is what I do is apply the Filipino martial arts to the long stick –36 inches or so, like a cane or walking stick. If you look at the next post (, I give you a basic ‘X’ striking pattern.

    Stay tuned, and I’ll address this topic in an upcoming post.

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