SEAMOK Walking Stick Kombate

Amo Guro Michael Blackgrave of SEAMOK

I found an interesting walking stick combat video from Amo Guro Michael Blackgrave of SEAMOK (You can visit him on the blogroll.).

Note that he is using a solid hickory stick, and the knob puts this weapon in the category of clubs, not sticks. Also note that a blunt weapon does not have to be perfectly cylindrical, as many FMA are used to practicing with.

Amo Guro Blackgrave demonstrates defenses at all ranges, from long distance to contact/grappling range, to devastating effect. So do not kid yourself into thinking the long stick is only a long-range weapon. Nor would I advise trying to get inside on Amo Guro Blackgrave.

You should also observe how one-handed techniques are the exception, not the rule. Amo Guro Blackgrave understands that the long stick is in essence a two-handed weapon.

Simplicity, coupled with powerful directness, is a hallmark of the video. A novice who started with the hickory “brain duster” and who learned the lessons on this short video would be far better off than studying many of the overly-complicated and fanciful short stick styles. By the way, I have to love it when an American can use “bagsak” conversationally. 


4 Responses to “SEAMOK Walking Stick Kombate”

  1. That system looks pretty good. Simple, direct, and hard hitting. I really like the stick, he said his dad makes them? I wonder where to try and buy one? I’m thinking that more and more the long stick/ walking stick is the way to go. I visited a school the other day with serrada styles and it was sparring night. Bloody awful, just trading blows at medio and corto range and get this, even though they were wearing too much protective gear they were sparring with swimming pool noodles. Honestly, it made me uncomfortable to watch. Vive the big stick!

  2. Darrin Cook Says:


    It’s hard to find examples of stick sparring that look really skillful. The LaCanne videos come to mind as some of the best.

    The Cold Steel walking canes look like some of the best. I’ve taken to making my own sticks, because it’s hard to get it right –weight, length, pommel, diameter, etc.

  3. […] forward like a baseball batting stance, they have the right foot forward (See Amo Guro Blackgrave here.). The Tapado stylists use a similar stance.Yet I argue that the more powerful stance would be that […]

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