The Millwall Brick: Deadly News

Making a Millwall Brick

The Millwall Brick is an improvised club made out of a newspaper. As soccer hooligans got out of control at British games, the police responded by confiscating “all” weapons of spectators entering the stadium.

The hooligans countered by making improvised clubs out of newspaper! You can find instructions and other tips here.

I think this goes to show that it’s impossible to make society safe by confiscating weapons. I believe it also shows that it’s always possible to prepare yourself for a violent encounter by arming yourself. File this away –it might save your butt someday.

3 Responses to “The Millwall Brick: Deadly News”

  1. I have seen variations of this in places where weapons are banned. One variation included folding a bunch of coins into one end of the newspaper roll, in effect creating a sap or slap-jack. I was skeptical until I saw the damage it was capable of causing (split open a full two-litre pop bottle with one shot). Where there is a will, there is a way.

  2. One-eyed hermit Says:

    I can warmly reccomend this cudgel. If you fold it correctly you can get some really nasty edges on the tip, like spikes, or nobs rather.

  3. […] a nasty club that is made by twisting and turning a broadsheet newspaper until it’s a rock hard nightstick. Because who would ever think to confiscate a […]

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