New Filipino Martial Arts?

Binugsay Oar System, via Karay-a Uno Blanco Eskrima

I was thrilled to receive an e-mail today from a Filipino martial artist in the Philippines, who thought I might be interested in learning two obscure Filipino martial arts, “binugsay” which uses a boat oar as a weapon, and “tinungkod,” which uses a walking cane or a stick of that length.

The long weapon styles are few and far between, and I’m really excited about having the chance to learn about these new styles (well, new to me) on my trip to the Philippines this upcoming June.

In the meantime, I’ve found a website for an Ilonggo martial arts group, Karay-a Uno Blanco Eskrima. I was surprised to discover in my trip to Bacolod City that the region is a hotbed of eskrima. (For example, the late GM Remy Presas was from Bacolod).


5 Responses to “New Filipino Martial Arts?”

  1. im filipino and i have not yet visit the Philippines. Your very fortunate not only to go but to be surrounded by escrimadors.

  2. Escrima Sticks,

    I love going to the Philippines! It’s like paradise to me.

    I’ll be going this June. If you can make it this summer I’d be happy to help show you around and introduce you to my teacher.

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  4. James Sy Jr. Says:

    I know the teacher who emailed you. He’s good. Based on my and my group’s (Conceptual Martial Arts Society) research there are at least two kinds of Binugsay, one from Panay which is taught in the Uno Blanco Escrima System and another which is found in Negros Occidental and was shown by one of our teachers to us.

    I’ve indentified not less than 100 FMA systems practiced in the Negros Island. Please see Rapid Journal for my article on “100 FMA Systems Practiced in Negros.”

  5. Guro Sy,

    Thanks for your input, and your efforts to preserve and advance the Negrense martial arts.

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