Review: The Stick And Cane In Close Combat: Jointlocks, Takedowns and Surprise Attacks

Today I’d like to review an excellent resource for the stick fighter, Tom Lang’s  The Stick and Cane in Close Combat. Mr. Lang uses a 36 inch stick throughout, and while I may not agree with every technique, you will find interesting techniques that you haven’t seen before.

Although I’m not a believer in stick grappling, you need to be prepared.

What I appreciate most is Lang’s realistic sense of what will work. I get the feeling that this guy has actually tried techniques and found out that they don’t work as advertised. In fact, one of the most interesting sections of the book features commonly seen techniques that just don’t work. One example of an often-seen (yet crappy) technique is  using a cane to throw an opponent by hooking his neck. Mr. Lang shows and explains very clearly why this won’t work. He shows some very advanced thinking in looking for the flaws and vulnerabilities of various techniques.

There is also a bibliography section that lists scores of stick fighting resources, which the serious student will find valuable.


2 Responses to “Review: The Stick And Cane In Close Combat: Jointlocks, Takedowns and Surprise Attacks”

  1. Having read and practiced from Tom Lang’s book, I would concur with this reviewer’s comments. Mr. Lang demonstrates an analytical approach to the use of a stick for training the body and mind, and is diligent about checking the plausibility of techniques from a number of martial traditions and practices. The book is a great overview, while also going into sufficient depth to the techniques presented.

  2. Tom Lang Says:

    Thank you for the great review of my book!

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