Poser of the Week

Sorry the caption got clipped. It should read "Martial Arts Prancer"

I can’t believe I’m giving away this kind of lock-the-door-and-close-the-drapes secret knowledge.

As I said earlier, 98% of Filipino martial arts are crap because they use “fighting stances” that leave the kidney completely exposed. The other 2% are crap because they leave the armpit exposed. Carefully observe how Punong Kahoy Guro Baliktad of Kilikili Kali guards his armpits, something many of the so-called masters out there fail to do.

By keeping the blade under the armpit you are able to keep it warm. Thousands of ignorant FMA practitioners are swinging around cold blades.

The typical opponent is so intimidated by this ferocious stance that Punong Kahoy Baliktad is able to surreptitiously shave his armpits while waiting for the opportunity to kill his opponent.

My thanks to the great folks at Kilikil Kali for sharing this with us. Remember, readers, you must use this privileged knowledge for good and not for evil.


3 Responses to “Poser of the Week”

  1. i dont see anything wrong with fighting postures (stances). got to have a reference point.

  2. Escrima Sticks,

    I agree, a stance is a starting point.

    But you shouldn’t begin crossed up.

    You shouldn’t have your weight either too far forward or too far back –it limits your mobility.

    You shouldn’t have either an arm or leg extended –you have to retract it in order to strike.

    In the photo above the guy has a blade under his arm. Why? A blow to that lead elbow will trap both arms.

  3. Escrima Sticks,

    I forgot. Thanks for commenting.

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