The Tire Knocker

Tire Knocker

A reader alerted me to a trucker’s tool called a “tire knocker,” which doubles as a defensive weapon.

A tire knocker follows the characteristics I prefer in a stick –it stresses heft/weight and solidity over reach. I would rather a short stick be short and compact, yet heavy enough to deal a decisive blow.

The question is whether truckers really need a tire knocker, or is it a fanciful name for a weapon? I have a truck-driving friend, but he’s so busy driving that I rarely see him. I’ll ask him the next time I meet him.

In my research some people wrote of having legal trouble with the tire knocker being classified as a weapon. Let me offer some tips:

Be careful with the handle and the thong, which may make this an illegal weapon.

–If you are a law-abiding citizen, do not give consent to search your vehicle. You are not required to.

–Clean up the weapon by getting rid of handles, the thong grip, or a metal weighted end. While these may be cosmetic, these modifications can make the difference between an illegal club and a legal stick. The more your tire knocker looks like a stick, the better off you are.

–Keep a tire knocker outside of your vehicle cabin, but still accessible to you.

–You may want to go with a weapon that is very similar to the tire knocker, but less conspicuous, such as a heavy flashlight, a tire iron, a crowbar, an ice scraper with a heavy handle, etc.

–There is a world of difference between a cop spying your tire knocker lying on the floor as he pulls you over for a minor infraction, versus that same cop being called out to a roadside parking lot by alarmed citizens who are afraid to see you yelling obscenities and threatening another person while brandishing your tire knocker. In the latter case, expect to see some jail time.

Keep in mind that the tire knocker is a semi-impromptu weapon, a weapon that has another function, but can be used as a self-defense weapon. The key to an effective semi-impromptu weapon is advance planning.

Think ahead: How will you use it?

–Where will you keep it?

–Can you stash several?

–How will you explain it if challenged?

–How will you access it if you need to?


3 Responses to “The Tire Knocker”

  1. I picked up several of the tire knockers at a rural gas station, hickory handle with metal bolt in it. A very solid tool but as with anything other tool in Canada it becomes a lethal weapon in the courts if used on a person.

  2. […] Earlier I wrote on the tire knocker as a semi-impromptu weapon. Remember a semi-impromptu weapon is a weapon that you have planned ahead of time to use. This is not the same as an impromptu or an emergency weapon which I pick up at the spur of the moment, say like picking up a tray or grabbing a mop at a McDonald’s when trouble breaks out. Amo Guro Blackgrave mentioned that he keeps a tire knocker in his car, together with other semi-impromptu weapons he has stashed ahead of time. […]

  3. […] that you can grab as you “reach for your wallet.” We’ve previously discussed tire knockers, long armed ice scrapers, and even the concealment of knives and guns in your car (Check out this […]

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