Go for it!

Clottey Clams Up Yet Again. Take That!

The Pacquiao-Clottey fight was a letdown. Not because of Manny, who threw 1200 punches!

Clottey essentially decided to play it safe. A fighter who doesn’t want to get hit and clinches all the time is just as irritating. Clottey’s strategy was to cover up his face with his gloves (In fact, Freddy Roach noted that Clottey chose the cushier Everlast gloves for his clam-a-dope strategy) and let Manny hit at will.

One writer said of the fight:

It’s not just that Clottey was “boring.” His cover-up game was so drastic that it has led people to believe he was indifferent about whether or not he won, that he “didn’t come to win,” which is, when you break it down, essentially saying he all but threw the fight. If he wasn’t trying to win, what kind of contest is that?

Please note I’m not accusing Clottey of actually throwing the fight. But that is pretty much how a lot of people see it. He wasn’t there being a competitor. He was existing, doing all he could to not get knocked out, and cashing a paycheck.

I hear Clottey got a million dollars, plus a cut of the pay-per-view take. But he may have shot himself in the foot –who is ever going to pay to see this guy fight again? In marked contrast, full credit has to be given to David Diaz for his gutsy and courageous performance on the undercard.

The lesson for martial artists not just in combat but in life is that sooner or later you need to step up and take the risk. While I am an advocate of not taking needless risks, risk cannot be avoided in combat. The guys who practice the secret death strikes, who talk about chi power and dropping opponents in seconds, are trying to avoid the reality that we’re all mortal. Often combat comes down to exposing yourself to danger to take the decisive shot. This is the strategy of GM Estalilla, who moves right into the teeth of an attack to deal out a devastating blow.

You need to practice summoning your courage, and build it like any other muscle, so that when the time comes you can step up like a champion.


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  1. Amen Brother!

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